Thomas Siffling

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Thomas Siffling is one of Germany’s outstanding jazz trumpeters. He studied jazz trumpet with Stephan Zimmermann at the Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts and completed postgraduate artistic studies with Claus Stötter at the Stuttgart State University of Music and Performing Arts. He knows Saarland very well, as Siffling was a lecturer in jazz trumpet at the HfM Saar between 2010 and 2014.

Time and again, the artist crosses musical boundaries, collaborating with the pop band “Söhne Mannheims”, composing jazzy ballet music and venturing into electronic music. He also works as a producer and runs the jazz club Ella & Louis in Mannheim. He has been artistic director of the Lions Jazz Festival in Mannheim since 2017 and organizer of the Mannheim Jazz Festival since last year.

With his new project “Thomas Siffling sings Gentlemen’s Choice”, he proves that he is not only a great instrumentalist, but also an excellent singer. His warm voice mixes with groovy sounds and the soft sound of his flugelhorn. The music is often reminiscent of Chet Baker and yet has a charm all of its own.


Thomas Siffling

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