Martin Weinert’s Night Wind Ensemble

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The names Susan and Martin Weinert can hardly be separated and are by no means unknown on the national jazz scene. Anyone who experienced the two live knew immediately that there was a synergetic connection between them. Both are gifted musicians, but Susan Weinert in particular was also a highly esteemed composer. When she died in 2020, her husband decided to carry on and play her pieces in various formations, but never on guitar. With the album “Nachtwind”, the double bassist, together with Héloïse Lefebre (v), Sebastian Voltz (p) and Daniel Weber (dr), presents unpublished pieces by Susan Weinert, which were mainly written in the weeks before her death. With “Nachtwind”, Weinert does not take a mournful look back, but a look forward. The music alternates between devoutly melancholic and cheerfully upbeat pieces – brilliantly realized with Lefebre’s violin as the melody-leading instrument. This does not simply replace the guitar, but gives the songs an incomparable sound language.


Martin Weinert’s Night Wind Ensemble

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