Brussels Jazz Orchestra & Camille Bertault

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Founded in 1993, the Brussels Jazz Orchestra (BJO) has been one of the most important jazz orchestras in the world since its Grammy nominations in 2013. Large sections of trumpets, saxophones and trombones are supported by a rhythm section of piano, bass and drums, creating the unmistakable sound of a jazz big band.

The orchestra frequently collaborates with soloists, including important vocalists such as Tutu Puoane and Maria João. In the current project, the BJO has invited the magnificent French singer Camille Bertault to reinterpret works by the French chansonnier Serge Gainsbourg.

Her album “Playground”, which she recorded together with the Austrian pianist David Helbock, has made the young Frenchwoman Bertault a world star. No wonder Vanity Fair named her the “New Voice of Jazz”.

Bertault’s wonderful voice merges with Serge Gainsbourg’s lyrics and the orchestra’s large body of sound to create something unique and new. Well-known hits by the chansonnier such as “Couleur Café”, “Les Cigarillos” and “La Javanaise” can be rediscovered and yet sung along to.

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Brussels Jazz Orchestra & Camille Bertault

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